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Magnetic Watch For Men

Magnetic Watch For Men

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1 Subversion of the traditional watch design the use of 2 steel ball that time

2 The ball is driven by magnetic force, you can sense the time by touching the steel ball

3 Using embossed inverted triangle design to represent 12 points makes it easier for you to perceive time

4 simple design: swiss movement


Watch Detail:

1 Inclusively Designed

Designed for touch when you cannot easily use sight: during a meeting, in a movie theatre, or due to a vision impairment, Designed for sight with eye-catching style

2 Distinctive Dial Made

From 2 stainless steel bead and 2 pieces of zinc alloy stamping finished, the whole dial has no screws, The minimalist design contains very complex processes, that adds confidence and attitude to your style

3 Stainless Steel

Use stronger stainless steel to make watchband and watch back cover, Watches will be stronger and more durable


Case diameter: 40 mm

Case Thickness: 12 mm

Strap circumference: 240 mm

Strap width: 20 mm

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