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Magnetic Color and Number Maze™

Magnetic Color and Number Maze™

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Fun and interactive way to learn about numbers and colours!

Our Magnetic Color and Number Maze™ is an engaging and educational toy designed to captivate young minds. This game features a brightly colored, magnetic board with a variety of numbered paths and corresponding color-coded magnetic balls. Toddlers can use the magnetic wand to guide the balls through the maze, matching the correct numbers and colors. The game not only encourages the development of fine motor skills but also introduces toddlers to early math concepts in an enjoyable and interactive way. It's a fantastic tool for fostering cognitive growth and creativity in young children while providing hours of captivating entertainment.

Why should you have this Magnetic Color and Number Maze™?

✅ Early Learning: It introduces toddlers to basic math concepts, including numbers and colors, helping them develop foundational knowledge in an engaging manner.

✅ Mess Free Playing: Kids may practise counting as they use the magnetic wands to guide the beads through the maze and into the individual paint cans. In addition, the top is permanently sealed, so everything stays put.

✅ Fine Motor Skills: By using a magnetic wand to navigate the maze, children enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also encourages problem-solving and critical thinking as toddlers figure out how to match the numbers and colors correctly.

✅ Creativity & Imagination: The game has 10 built-in “paint cans”representing numbers 1-10, plus 65 magnetic beads in 10 bright colors for kids to count. It sparks creativity and imagination as children explore different paths and combinations of numbers and colors.

✅ Entertainment & Engagement: It keeps toddlers entertained for extended periods, providing a valuable educational tool while offering hours of captivating fun.


  •  Material: Wood

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